We responsibly provide financial services to consumers and businesses that enables growth and long term security.

Our Company

Established in 1998 W Financial Solutions also trading as Consumers Buying Network has over 22 years of experience helping our clients meet the world’s toughest challenges and embrace its greatest opportunities.


Founded on the principles of trust, transparency and full disclosure, our core activities include lending to residential customers and businesses. We help people achieve their dreams of purchasing a house, a car or even going on that well deserved holiday.


With access to over 75 lenders we have the capability to lend big or small to create the best possible outcomes. Offering our customers financial independence, security, peace of mind and simplicity when borrowing money.

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Personalised Loan Advice

Our team of qualified professionals can help you find the most appropriate loan to suit your unique needs and circumstances.


" Thanks for your assistance throughout not only the loan process but also the house purchasing process. Just a bit of advice. Don’t give everyone the same level of service as us or you’ll go broke.” 

~ James and Katherine Furness